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Bismark Westwoods Subdivision

Cambridge Ontario

Project Summary

Bismark Westwoods Subdivision is located in Cambridge, Ontario. This infill subdivision was built on a surplus school site and former peat bog, adjacent to a dying wetland and a park. 

Project Highlights

Innovative Solutions: 

Due to the high ground-water, poor soil, and complicated storm water management on the site, Meritech designed a system to reintroduce runoff to groundwater to augment the wetland, and a water-quality enhancement system at the outlet.

Sustainable Approach: 

An earth grading program was implemented to remove the peat and give it to a local farmer for to enrich agricultural soil. Infiltration was provided to cool and direct water to the dying wetland. 

Habitat Restoration: 

The adjacent wetland had been in decline due to the stormwater management systems of a nearby neighbourhood. Due to the re-direction of stormwater to groundwater, the wetland has since re-established into a flourishing ecosystem. 

Community Recreation: 

The neighbourhood was designed in coordination with an adjacent recreational park block. A trail access point was integrated into the design to allow the community's children safe and easy access to playground and park.  


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