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Brant 403 Business Park

Paris Ontario

Project Summary

Brant Business Park is located in the south end of Paris, Ontario. This 2 Phase development required very detailed coordination to meet the needs of multiple clients, engineers, and various approvals organizations. This publicly funded initiative was an important economic development for the community to capture a toehold in the international ICI market. It spurred additional development in the area and set an example for others to follow.

Project Highlights


Mid way through construction, half of the site was sold to a large, well-known sporting goods manufacturer, who needed to change the grading in order to accommodate their 20-acre building. The site was redesigned "on the fly", yet the total project was still delivered on budget. 

Habitat Creation: 

The large stormwater retention pond on this site does not have a storm outlet or drain into a creek. The unique design of this feature instead drains into the ground allowing for groundwater recharge and natural filtration through the soil. It supports its own thriving ecosystem, and creates a habitat for wildlife in the middle of an otherwise industrial environment. Other beautification initiatives include a landscaped centre boulevard and island with native species plants to create habitat for pollinators. These Low Impact Development measures were implemented before it became standard industry practice.


Meritech effectively coordinated the needs of multiple parties, including First Nations consultation, an archeological Stage 3 assessment, a district uninterrupted power supply, traffic and access integration with the Ministry of Transportation, and a new sanitary pumping station.


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