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Weishaupt North American HQ

Mississauga Ontario

Project Summary

This project is the new North American headquarters for Germany’s Weishaupt Corporation, a future-oriented company keen to set an example in responsible environmental stewardship, and reflect these values through every aspect of their company. The client highly prioritized incorporating the same design principals as their buildings in Germany. Located at 2925 Agentia Road, the Weishaupt HQ blends European-influenced design within North American standards. 

Project Highlights

Realizing The Vision: 

Europe and North America operate on a very different set of design and building standards. The client’s vision for this building and site were very specific, and required a great deal of discussion with the municipality to align with this vision and allow the project remain true to the client’s intention. Accessible ramps at the front entrance were designed with planters and other aesthetic styling to ensure satisfaction from both the client and the municipality’s perspectives. 

Nature As A Design Tool: 

Landscaping and grading were used as design tools serving both aesthetics and security. Full size maple trees were incorporated into the design to make a bold statement rather than basic shrubbery typical of industrial/business landscaping. 

Innovative Infrastructure:

Heated sidewalks reduce the need for both snow removal and salt use on the site, which have proven to be effective for cost-savings and reducing environmental impact. A glass barrier reduces noise from the highway immediately adjacent to the site and allows natural light into the plant. Innovative stormwater management solutions ensures that drainage does not adversely impact the building, while working within the client’s architectural vision. 


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