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Fifty Point Pedestrian Bridge

Fifty Point Conservation Area

Project Summary

Fifty Point Conservation Area is located in Hamilton, Ontario. The Hamilton Conservation Authority required the replacement of a pedestrian bridge at Fifty Point Conservation Area, prioritizing wildlife and habitat preservation during construction. 

Project Highlights

Lower Costs: 

Upon reviewing HCA's requirements, Meritech determined that a longer bridge could be installed at a lower cost.

Prioritizing Habitat Preservation: 

With the HCA's conservation knowledge, Meritech was able to optimize the construction schedule to better protect aquatic life. To reduce disturbance to the ecosystem, Meritech engaged a commercial diver to remove steel supports from the old bridge without dewatering. 

Barrier-Free Access: 

The redesigned trail and bridge are fully AODA accessible, allowing barrier-free enjoyment for citizens of all ages and abilities.

Creative Solutions: 

To reduce impact on the shore-line and surrounding woodlands, Meritech designed a temporary structural access road to support the mobile crane  required for lifting the bridge components into place. 


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