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Highland Ridge West Subdivision

Cambridge Ontario

Project Summary

The Highland Ridge West subdivision is located in Cambridge, Ontario. This 5 Phase project has presented some unique challenges, allowing for opportunities to work with the client, consultants, and approval agencies to find solutions that satisfied the requirements of all parties. Challenges of this site included development foresight in consideration of servicing for additional lots, prioritizing wild bird migration during construction, and protection of large trees.

Project Status: Phases 1-3 Complete, Phases 4-5 Under Construction

Project Highlights

Prioritizing Rare Tree Species: 

Meritech worked closely with The Region of Waterloo's Ecological and Environmental Advisory Committee to identify and preserve a number of mature rare tree species on the site. These trees are part of the natural habitat for endangered bald eagles, which have recently begun to reestablish in Waterloo Region. 

Creative Solutions: 

Building homes adjacent to an active rail line presented some unique challenges. Meritech worked closely with a noise consultant to reduce costs and difficulty of building homes on the lots immediately adjacent to the tracks. Meritech also reduced long-term expenses for the condo corporation by redesigning part of the private water-main system. 

Efficient Use of Resources: 

Looking at the big picture, Meritech proposed a strategy to make use of existing on-site resources to complete the project with more efficiency, reduced aggregate costs to the client, and lowered the carbon footprint of the project. 

Protecting the Natural Ecosystem: 

Construction was planned during a specific window of time to mitigate impact on wild bird migration and nesting. 

Client         Grand Ridge Estates Limited

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